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Mentoring Programme - வழிகாட்டு திட்டம்

Mentoring Programme

The ABTL Mentoring Programme is ABTL’s flagship initiative. Designed to benefit both practicing lawyers and those looking to enter practice it aims to promote entry into the legal profession for aspiring lawyers and promote existing Tamil lawyers in the UK.

Run and overseen by the ABTL Operational Committee, the Mentoring Programme provides a space for students, aspiring lawyers and practicing lawyers to speak to, learn from and be mentored by other more senior colleagues.

ABTL Pilot Mentoring Programme 2021

ABTL Pilot Mentoring Programme ran successfully in Summer 2021.We received nearly 30 applications from students and aspiring lawyers. To read more about the Pilot Mentoring Programme, including testimonials from mentors and mentees who took part, please see News and Insights.

Benefits To Mentors

There are clear benefits for mentors at all stages of their careers to be involved in providing mentoring support to earlier stage mentees.

For young mentors, at the earliest stages of their careers, they may have just transitioned into a qualified position and will be able to speak to their experience of breaking through to a qualified position. They will also be able to cite a specific involvement in a strategically important programme when discussing additional involvements outside of work.

For mentors in transition to more senior positions, being a mentor can be a professional development opportunity. Mentoring can help develop management and supervisory skills, improve communication skills, and promote self-reflection.

This is also true for more senior mentors, whilst also allowing senior mentors to expand their own and their respective firm’s or chambers’ inter-generational networks and be positive ambassadors for their firm, chambers. Mentoring can be a rewarding experience for senior mentors, to be able to shape future talents and promote their own views and interests.

Benefit To Mentees

The benefits to being a mentee are countless. We strongly encourage mentees to develop mentoring relationships that go beyond the ABTL Mentoring Programme, but through the programme itself mentees are likely to find encouragement in personal development, find help in identifying and achieving their career goals, find support in identifying and correcting gaps in their knowledge of the legal industry in general but also of specific routes and areas of practice, increase their confidence, develop a broader understanding of career options and opportunities and importantly mentees give themselves the opportunity to develop their networks in the legal industry.

Joining The Abtl Mentoring Programme

If you wish to become a Mentor on the ABTL Mentoring Programme, please use the button below to apply.

The 2022 Mentoring Programme is currently underway. Future programmes will be run periodically. When announced, mentees will be able to apply to the relevant mentoring programme using the button below.